Welcome to Darling's Family of Services

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In 1959, when Crone's Drug Store (formerly known as Cowdrick's) opened its doors, the world was certainly a different place and healthcare was completely different than it is today. Now 60 years later, Darling's Family of Services still provides healthcare services locally and in surrounding areas Crone's Gift and Medical Supply, Darling's Sugar Grove Pharmacy, Darling's Oil City Pharmacy, Darling's Erie Pharmacy, Sprout's Drug Store and Darling' Home Care, a national recognized provider of skilled home care.

Darling's Family of Services serves Warren County and surrounding areas with 3 pharmacy locations and a skilled home care division in Warren & Titusville, conveniently meeting the needs of the communities we serve. With friendly, knowledgeable staff at any of the locations, we are always available to help and your prescription transfers are simple and easy!